Following COMMITTEE MEETING 26th June 2018

  • Website manager Vicki has asked for extra helper/s to update the website. ┬áLearn a new skill by joining a workshop run by website designer Mary Gill, to learn how simple it is to do.
  • Choir Librarian Sally Rogers will be asking choir members to return published copies of music: Blue Skies, Bridge over Troubled Water & What a Wonderful World.
  • At our next concert we will be trying out new ‘risers’ to help us to see Dana easier, and for our sound to carry further.
  • After we sing at the wedding on 28th July, we have been asked to sing at John Shoesmith’s party from 3.30pm. ┬áThose of us who wish to (or who live too far away to get home and back again), can perhaps go to a pub between the wedding and the party.
  • Choir Summer Social, Wednesday 25th July – last choir practice before our summer 2 week break.

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